​Restoration of Severe Wood-rot

Restore window-sill.jpg

The window once it has been restored


A client called and requested two very badly damaged windows to be restored to their original condition.
There was so much decay, the water had penetrated right through the timber and into the room, causing further damage. This was due to high winds and the exposure to the elements (rain) of the windows.

Decay/rot, often present on the surface of the wood (as seen in the pictures below), however, the damage normally goes far deeper, penetrating the wood.



Above you can see the level of wood rot which was removed from the windows

Replacing a Window-sill 


This cottage's window sill had rotted from continual water penetration over 50+ years.


Water had been entering the inside panel. The sill required full removal.


Just by chance I kept an old hardwood window-sill from home. This was brought to the clients & resized/re-shapen to fit the sill.


The areas around the sill (internally & externally) required sealing. The client chose to finish the painting themselves.


All the wood-rot has been removed above

Window-sill in a shower recess

IMG_20180214_090945804 (1).jpg

This window sill is in the shower area and is highly exposed to water and steam. 

Unfortunately it's not only in the wrong place, it's also made from MDF. When MDF is exposed to water, it swells up (as seen in the photo below). 

I had to trim and seal it off with a builder's putty and specialised primer. 

Later the painter would paint the window surrounds and sill with a more durable paint finish.

This was a temporary fix, as the owner would renovate in one year's time.

The window-sill once it had been filled with putty, shaped and ready to be primed

IMG_20180214_074713697 (1).jpg

The window-sill in original condition

​Restoration of a Deteriorated Window-sill in a Terrace


This window sill had broken down over time due to high exposure to the sun. It required filling, sanding and painting. Now it looks like new!


The sill in its' original state

​Restoration of a Bay of Windows


This bay of windows was severely rotted at the base (including severe paint peeling) and required urgent attention, as water was seeping through and damaging items inside.


The client required a temporary fix (to last 6-12 months) as they were considering a total replacement of windows & re-vamp in the near future.


The client was very  happy with the outcome.


The bay of windows in their original state


Stages of the wet wood-rot being removed


Most of the wood-rot removed


Bottom timber replacement

​Removal of old Louvres & replaced with Glass Blocks (& at a later date a new window)


The existing louvre windows were carefully removed and part of the window area was replaced with glass blocks in order to provide a privacy screen in the bathroom.

A few days later, the client was having a custom window

fit into the area in front of the glass blocks.


Removal of the existing louvres


Ready to begin setting the mortar

​Remove wood-rot & Restore Window-sill


The window-sill has been exposed to the elements for some time and deteriorated. All the rotten wood was removed and replaced with wood putty.

It was then primed several coats, ready for painting.


Partial removal of wood-rot


Affected areas puttied and sanded down

Window Re-putty

2. window puttied.jpg

Putty had deteriorated over time on these windows and required removal and re-puttying.

The putty requires a month to dry prior to painting.


The window in its original state

Restoring pre-loved Shutters & installing the pair to a Terrace 

My clients wanted to update the facade of their terrace I sourced some pre-loved shutters, restored them (they were brown and battered) and fit them to the terrace. 

They were very happy with the result, lifting the character of this much loved Inner-City home.


The shutters once they have been installed prior to painting