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RESTORATION MATTERS... Does Restoration Matter?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I often think about older home restoration as I really enjoy working on older homes in Sydney's Inner West. I live in an older home and am always inspired when I enter a client's home and find the most beautiful ornate ceilings, highly detailed fireplaces, beautiful motifs in glass windows and many more features that are unique to each home. No two homes are ever the same.

I'm a firm believer in fixing damage, rather than removal and replacement with new (when possible).

Does Restoration Matter?

I think restoration does matter and there are certain ways in which owners of older homes choose to restore their homes. It really comes down to your own personal vision.

Considerations are often aesthetic, such as which colour/s do I choose to paint my ceiling, architraves, walls, skirting boards and trimmings or shall I remove my skirting boards as they are cracked and chipped?

"See your unique-home as a long-term project”

There are so many decisions you will need to make along your journey of creating your unique character in your home. I'm always happy to provide advice as I'm a firm believer in fixing damage, rather than removal and replacement with new (when possible).

I'm a firm believer it's best to live in a home for a few years and see how it functions for you and your family. Then you can start to make changes or alterations as you need to.

Below are some examples of jobs I enjoy doing:

  • Matching like for like on timber architraves, skirting boards, doors, fireplace mantels

  • Restoring old windows and doors

  • Replacing tiles in the hearth of your fireplace, bathroom or anywhere else around your house (interior & exterior)

  • Fitting previously loved mantels around your fireplace

  • Removal of small/ large cracks in your plaster walls & re-plastering, sealing & painting

  • Replacing mantels over your fireplace

  • Restoration of many wood surfaces in your home

  • Replastering water damaged ceilings

  • Pressure cleaning hard-surfaces & re-grouting

  • Restoring rotted window sills and surrounds externally (if necessary)

  • Fitting hand-rails internally/externally

  • Resealing wet areas

  • Removing mould & reconditioning walls

Please contact me with any questions about jobs you have around your older-home that require detailed attention.


Always here to help!


All Handy Inside and Out

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